The Clean Office company, of the Natoon Group, was established in 1987 and is currently one of Israel’s leading cleaning companies. The company provides professional and specialized cleaning services to hundreds of business clients, including hi-tech companies, office buildings, financial institutions, shopping malls, entertainment centers, luxury residences, government offices, security institutions and factories. The Clean Office operates in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standard, and is a member of the Israeli Organization of Cleaning Companies and the Chamber of Commerce.


The experience we have accumulated in tens of years of activity enables us to handle special challenges of clients of various industries and sectors. Among our clients:

  • Government offices and public institutions.
  • Security facilities and military bases.
  • Hi-tech companies, including unique facilities, laboratories and clean rooms.
  • Banks, insurance companies and financial institutions.
  • Museums and culture and leisure institutions.
  • Universities and colleges.
  • Hospitals and clinics.
  • Shopping malls, entertainment centers, sports centers and commercial centers.

The Clean office currently employs about 1,800 employees and managers across Israel. The company operates by regional branches in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva and Petach Tikva.

The Clean Office specializes in planning, establishing and operating cleaning arrays in BOT (Built, Operate, Transfer) and PFI (Private Finance Initiative) projects, including the Bahad City in the Negev and the training city of the Israeli police in Beit-Shemesh. We use the most advanced equipment and machinery, operated by teams specializing in special cleaning works, including scrubbing carpets (dry and wet), crystal polishing, polish, wax and more. In addition, we provide a response for “sensitive” cleaning, such as artifacts in museums.

The Clean Office operates at hundreds of sites across Israel, spread at an area of more than a million square kilometers. This way, we ensure every day, that hundreds of thousands of Israelis enjoy a clean, nurtured and pleasant environment.

Keeping the Environment

The Clean Office is a company with high environmental awareness. Therefore, we ensure using cleaning materials, work tools and work methods which ensure saving water and electricity. Our clients enjoy innovative work methods, based on concentrated and ecological essences. These enable significant saving of shelving space, as well as efficient employee work at a healthy environment.

The Company’s Vision and Values

The Clean Office aspires to lead the field of cleaning out of deep commitment to provide material and distinctive added value to our clients, based on the following principles:

  • We place the client at the center of our work. The company’s employees and managers are committed to listening, understanding and showing maximal sensitivity to each client’s needs.
  • We provide a unique, professional and uncompromising service experience.
  • We always aspire to create a sense of belonging, pride and mutual commitment among our employees.
  • We are committee to promote independent, initiating, achieving and flexible management leadership.


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