The Cleaning Services

We are aware that our clients wish to work in a clean environment and with a clear mind. Therefore, we do everything in order to provide each client comprehensive cleaning services – starting with professional and reliable teams, through using advanced and fast work tools and technologies, and up to providing an envelope of insurances and agreements. This way, you enjoy double profit: peace and time to continue your business daily schedule without interruptions, and optimal maintenance of the work environment, your equipment and maintenance costs.

Our company has professional work teams, skilled in providing special cleaning services:

  • Public spaces and building lobbies.
  • Entrance yards, gardens and open areas. Cleaning is made by high pressure water steam machines and designated materials.
  • Parking lots: cleaning is made by advanced machines and washing equipment for all types of surfaces.
  • Screen walls and windows at a height: cleaning is made by rappelling and machines based on delivering clean water (opposite osmosis).
  • Cleaning and treatment after flood damages, including supplying dryers and advanced machines.
  • Cleaning escalators: cleaning is made using special machines.
  • Cleaning carpets: cleaning solutions for carpets and all types of upholstery using advanced machinery.
  • Cleaning marble and PVC-1 flooring.
  • Stone polish and wax or crystal polishing.
  • Textile cleaning and renewal, including curtains.
  • Cleaning and renewal of acoustic partitions.
  • Extermination: the extermination services are performed by skilled sub-contractors with permits and licenses.

Areas of Activity

Consulting and Planning Cleaning Arrays

  • Creating work plans and adapting them to the location’s needs.
  • Consulting and operating transition to ecological and/or environmentally friendly cleaning methods.
  • Solutions for complex cleaning areas.
  • Constant adaptations of reorganization and saving processes.


Operating the Cleaning Array

  • Operating the cleaning array at any required scope, including all materials, disinfection and cleaning materials, adapted equipment, perishable materials, scent and atmosphere materials.
  • Creating work teams, including professional backup teams.
  • Professional teams for special and complex cleaning, such as clean rooms, operation rooms, artifacts and “sensitive” areas.


Renewing and Upgrading Restrooms using the World’s Leading Hygiene Facilities

  • Including detergents, perishables, scent diffusers and more.
  • Jet hand dryers, electrical scent diffusers and more.


Disinfecting and Cleaning Computer and Communication Equipment and Work Environment

  • Cleaning server rooms: floating floor, cabinets, channels and such.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting end equipment: keyboards, monitors, telephones, copying machines and such.
  • Quality perishables with economical work methods.


Keeping the Health and Welfare of Employees and Visitors

  • Assimilating methods for improving the visibility of the work environment.